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Meyboom is an artist run-space that brings together a community of individuals and collectives working in different fields that formed over the years since 2013. Formerly located in Vaartstraat, World Trade Center 1, then in the previous headquarters of Actiris in the city center; we are now inhabiting the second level of the building Pacheco 34, located on Boulevard Pachécolaan 34 between the central and north station in the city of Brussels — a place we want to make a permanent address for our community.

The broad variety of practices of our community gives us the chance to exchange, support each other, and extend this spirit out to the city. Our engagement with the public includes hosting and collaborating on programs such as showcases, artist residencies, reading rooms, film programs — in addition to providing smaller groups a space to meet or conduct workshops. This community is both a space for artists to work but also a space from which the myriad of interdisciplinary practices engage with the local context, the city, and beyond!

studio 1, 2, 3 Overtoon


Overtoon is an artist-run platform for research, production and distribution of sound-based art. Artists can make use of a workspace in the centre of Brussels, production tools, technical expertise, artistic feedback, production admin, financial support and a broad international network. Overtoon offers two types of residencies: production residencies and research residencies. While production residents are invited to deliver a work of art that Overtoon will present in its network, research residents can work in our studios in order to investigate an aspect that is related to sound. Artists can contact Overtoon for research residencies on a flexible basis. Production residencies are based on an ongoing dialogue with artists involved in the Overtoon network.

studio 4 Marialena

Marialena Marouda

works in the intersections between performance and sound art. Her work is developed over the long term and is research-based. It takes place outside and beyong the black box, often developed in situ. She is currently the initiator of the Oceanographies Institute (2018-present), a research institute focusing on the relation between the human body and the ocean.

studio 5 Puxe


Puxe is a sound engineer, sound designer and DJ. Working and performing in live events, audio recording sessions, editing and mixing.

As a DJ, his musical ride is full of psychedelic sounds, hard bass lines, and colorful melodies. He likes to explore sonic frequencies from psytrance to downtempo. He is also a volunteer member of the Repair Café Audio - Make it sound collective

studio 7 OSP


Since 2006, Open Source Publishing questions the influence and affordance of digital tools through its practice of (commissioned) graphic design, pedagogy and applied research. They prefer to use exclusively free and open source softwares (F/LOSS). Currently the group is composed of people with backgrounds in graphic design, typography and development, and has has collaborated with organisations of different sizes, or individual artists. They find excitement in the cross-over between its members respective fields and competences.

studio 8 Printship


Jubilee is an artist-run platform for artistic research that continuously supports 4 core artist practices, as well as various associated artists on a project basis. Jubilee helps artists develop their work and organises collective research projects that facilitate interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral reflection on shared interests. The conditions of artistic production form a recurring thread.

Olivier Bertrand

Olivier Bertrand designs page-based objects that are sometimes folded and sometimes not, sometimes digital and sometimes printed. His research into publishing focuses on appropriation and hacking the leftover from industrial production. With similar mindset, he runs a publishing house called Surfaces Utiles. Since 2015, he has edited La Perruque, a 90 centimetre long magazine printed in the margins of regular documents, and publishing nonstandard type specimens.

David Lesimple

Laure Giletti

Laure Giletti co-founded the graphic design and web development studio eurogroupe with Gregory Dapra. They design on paper, screen and space upon long-standing collaborations. She is part of the team of the master of typography at La Cambre Arts Visuels. She has been a member of the Parisian collective castillo/corrales: exhibition space, bookshop and publishing house. She is a member of the Franco-Belgian collective Bye Bye Binary, which takes non-binary language and writing as its starting point, field of experimentation and research subject.

Pia Louwerens

Jesse Van Winden

Jesse van Winden is an art worker with an interest in artistic communities. Co-founder of the Brussels Artist-run Network, he brings artists and art workers together accross disciplines and politicized language barriers. He found his way into the Meyboom community through his coordinating curatorial practice for Jubilee, platform for artistic research. His own artistic research practice engages with local histories of capitalism. For a recent project, see: Our Fluid Territories.

studio 9 Stijn & Ioana

Stijn Demeulenaere

Stijn Demeulenaere is a sound artist and field recordist. He creates installations, soundscapes, performances, and films. He collaborates with choreographers theatre and film makers; visual artists, scientists and musicians. Stijn researches the relation between place, identity, sound, and the phenomenology of listening. His work is shown internationally, has won prizes at the Engine Room International Sound Art Award and the Split Videoart Festival, and was nominated for the LOOP Discover award and the European Sound Art Award.

Ioana Mandrescu

Romanian born sound artist and musician Ioana Mandrescu completed her studies in her home country, France and Belgium. She is graduate of the EPAS programme in Ghent. She is the founding member of two contemporary music ensembles. Strongly influenced by choreography and painting, in the past two years she developed performances that brought together sound, film and dance. These were presented internationally and mark the beginning of her development as a sound artist, next to a classical musician. Her main interests are the human voice and human produced sounds and their impact on the way we perceive the world. She is currently working on a database of human voices and on several sound-collage pieces that mark distinct moments in human history. Another strong line of research is the human body, starting with a project about her own heart coming in 2022. Ioana lives and works in Brussels.

studio 10 North*East

Marilyne Grimmer

is a French visual artist and sometimes a scenographer based in Brussels since 2008. She alternates between personal projects as a photographer, participatory projects with diverse audiences, collaboration as a scenographer for theatre companies, installations and performances with the Repondeur automatik collective. In her personal work, she likes to visit strangers to hear their stories, everyday stories, object's stories, travel stories. Sometimes she teleportate them to the place of their dreams. She often uses the public space to share the stories she collected (in advertisement board, window shop..) so that they are accessible by anyone who passes by.

Mara Ittel

Mara Ittel is an artist, writer, pop culture connaisseur and a craftsman. She is exploring obsessions, lesbian fashion and queer fandom through making audioplays, Drag Performances and a podcast called Catch a Fan Feeling. She is also part of creating the website, a place to collect and map queer and feminist spaces and collectives in Brussels.

Bárbara C. Branco

Is an artist and a musician. Her different practices are focused on inventing codes to discern little happenings in life, mapping them so that little things become for the first time the focus of our attention. The intuitive aspect is vital in her work , which is often site specific. Be it the wind, or a falling leave, or a drop of rain, everyday magic is real.

Flore Herman /

Flore Herman works as a mediator, facilitator, dramaturg and producer on participatory art projects. Most of them take place in public space and consider performance as a tool and a relation that can facilitate knowledge exchange. She is coordinating the alternative classroom bodies of knowledge initiated by Sarah Vanhee, and is a member of CIFAS.

Laura Oriol

Lucia Palladino

Aay Liparoto

studio 11 Marie Verdeil - Low-tech Magazine

marie verdeil

Marie Verdeil (she/her) is a french designer based in Brussels. She uses design to explain and challenge how we perceive, build and use technology. This practice mostly takes the form of tools, websites, interfaces, prototypes, guides and workshops. Closely collaborating with Low-tech Magazine, she promotes a DIY approach, with an attention to resource and energy use.

studio 12 Pablo & Eyas

Fusion Cinema

Film was labelled "the seventh art" at the begin of the XXth century after a manifesto by Riciotto Canudo, one of first film theoretitians. He saw first cinema as a new art, a "fusion" art: "a superb conciliation of the Rhythms of Space and the Rhythms of Time". Fusion Cinema is small-scale non profit platform devoted to film research and production to further explore the fusion of arts whithin cinema. Its flagship project, "Pages of Album" is signed by filmmakers Erik Parys and Pablo Diartinez (also plastic artist and graphic designer). Erik and Pablo have been a creative tandem since 1999 and they also have a commercial name "C U studio" under which they take comissions for better known agencies. Their commercial work span from videoclips, advertising spots, special effects and motion graphics for broadcast or social media to illustration, lay-out, logos and identity systems for print or web.

Eyas Al Mokdad

A Belgian Syrian filmmaker and choreographer, Al Mokdad holds a Master in Audiovisual Arts (Film) from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) 2021, an Advanced Master Degree in Audiovisual Arts from LUCA school of arts Brussels 2013, a bachelor's degree from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts (Ballet Department) Damascus 2005. Al Mokdad's work focuses on experimentation, to explore contemporary forms of art in cinema and performing arts. In recent years, he has worked on a number of films and performances that deal with political and social issues. He is a researcher in contemporary education and the use of art in the development of abilities and skills.

studio 13 Sarah & Antje

Sarah van Lamsweerde

creates performances, installations, and publications that focus on oral traditions and tactility to reflect on memory, co-existence and otherness. Alongside her own work, she contributes to practices and platforms such as Performing Objects (ERforS, Brussels), BAU Dance & Performance (Amsterdam), and IM Company (Paris).

Antje Van Wichelen

studio 14 South*East

Simon Bouvier

ERG student with a master degree in Design & Politique du Multiple (2021), currently working on his thesis. His projects revolve around working with open source web tools, seeing web design as a playfull and narrative platform, and navigating typography in a different way.

Jean Cardin


aka antoine Uguen
Châtaigne is a graphic designer of lettering, publishing, illustration, collage, website, posters, books, stationery, packaging and logo design. Their use of sculpture techniques in lettering and logotype design introduces a surreal dimension, as an evocative, dreamlike atmosphere.
Châtaigne transforms each project into a visual narrative aims that allow the user to think.

Laura Conant

Laura Conant is a designer and developper mingling with sound. Her work includes 3D modeling, web design and development and art direction. Keen on building her own tools through coding and programming, she has a particular interest towards open-source tools. She collaborates with artists, designers and institutions. She is also part of the Brussels based music label and event series MONTAGE, as well as a member of the collective Bye Bye Binary.

Maxence Doucet

Photographer, curator and art worker. Graduated from the CARE masters degree in curating at the ARBA-ESA and the bachelor degree in photography from Le 75. Focuses mainly in documentary photoprojects about precarity, social, physical and mental health topics and how they are impacted and integrate themselves in their surroundings. While the pictures are based on tangible matters, the curating projects are more of a playful nature, building interactive spaces that narrate stories and try to involve doubt in the participants throught deceiving or mischievous guiding principles.

Pauline Lecerf

Alice Mahiant

ULB master student in STIC (Sciences & Technologies of Information & Communication). Former ERG student with a master degree in Drawing/ PACS (Pratiques Artistiques & Complexité Scientifique). Works on sense of place and organizing things. Loves reading and writing in all-caps in small books. Working part-time in a record-shop.

Daphnée Paris

Daphnée Paris is a graphic designer based in Brussels. She collaborates with artists, designers, architects and institutions. Her services covers all forms of printed matters, from book to exhibition design.

Marouchka Payen

has a master's degree in typography from ERG, is a graphic designer and lettering hunter by day, and a DJ by night. She is part of the Belgian collective Poxcat which promotes women in music by organizing events and hosting a monthly radio show on The Word Radio. Through her practice of lettering and her interest in digital typographic drawing through the skeleton, she brings a particular care to the ligatures that she melts into alloys as many transitions and passages within her mixes. Marouchka is also a member of the ByeByeBinary collective.

Clara Sambot

is a member of the ByeByeBinary collective. She is a student at ERG (Brussels) and will soon finish her master's degree in design and politics of the multiple, with a typography option. Clara publishes in May 2020 the typeface Cirrus Cumulus with inclusive glyphs on the Velvetyne foundry. Her new typeface DINdong, is a revival of the DIN 1451 (still in progress). Clara is also currently working on building an online library of fonts with inclusive glyphs under a free license. Her researches turn around inclusivity in typography and the links that can be drawn with the open source and free license.

Former Meyboom members